In 1932, Mr. Mariano Mazzola and his father started the transport of goods from and to the Buenos Aires port with horse-drawn carts.

In 1939 they bought their first Ford lorry, starting a sustainable development until the decade of the `70, when Transportes Mariano Mazzola, focused in the paper industry, was already one of the most important companies in the field, owning 40 lorries and several warehouses.

In 1978, with the incorporation of the second generation into the family business and the opening of the new warehouse located in 1993 Brandsen St., “Transportes y Depósitos MB Mazzola SA” was created. The directors, María Beatriz Mazzola and Sergio Nardo followed the path that Mr. Mariano had started, strengthening the company and growing steadily, always aware of technological changes.